First Let Me Explain What This Is All About...

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Millennial Stepmom

        Welcome to Millennial Stepmom.  If you follow MS on instagram, you already know what this is all about. For those who are unfamiliar; I am a stepmom, and yes a millennial. I created this after years of feeling like I had no one to talk to about the emotional roller coaster that is stepmotherhood. Occasionally I would confide in family and friends, but none of them could really understand what it means to be a stepmom.  I found various articles telling me what to do and how to feel.  While at times they were helpful, I felt that majority of what I was reading described a life of pure misery, and insinuated that I should walk away.   What I really wanted was advice and knowledge on how to work through issues, and maybe make a few friends who are also stepmoms!

        After recently finishing school and wedding planning, I started thinking that maybe I could use my personal knowledge and experience as a step parent and step daughter to help others.  I wanted to create a forum where I could share how I parent and co-parent with my husband, his ex-wife, and even her husband. I also wanted a place to encourage others to share their experiences and insight into specific parenting issues that we deal with everyday.  My goal for Millennial Stepmom is to establish a community where we (stepmoms) can come together and create a support system for one another, while also sharing tips, advice, and maybe building new friendships.

More about me

        As a child my parents had a tumultuous relationship which ultimately led to their divorce.  My father remarried twice after my mother, once when I was 7 years old and again when I was 16, and thus over the course of my life I had two different stepmothers. From this experience I learned a lot about what it means to be a child of divorce.  I also learned the affects of what it means to be a good vs bad step-parent.

        Currently, I live in New England, just outside of Boston with my husband, awesome stepson and our two dogs.  I recently got married, and graduated a year ago with  a Bachelors of Science degree in Behavioral Psychology from Suffolk University.

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