Millennial Stepmom is a social media forum for other stepmoms looking for guidance, to vent, and to meet other individuals with similar stories.  

For years I read articles about how hard it is to be a stepmom, most of which stopped short of "RUN AWAY WHLE IT'S NOT TOO LATE" as the title (you can laugh it is a little funny). Needless to say, they didn't help or inspire me.  The truth is, being a stepmom can make you feel like you want to run away...sometimes. It can also be extremely rewarding, and let's face it, we don't always choose who we love.  I created this forum to empower others, give an honest perspective on my experiences of stepmotherhood, and connect with you so we can commiserate and laugh together....now grab a glass of wine and keep reading!

Who Is Millennial Stepmom?

I am a 29 year old Millennial Stepmother to an awesome 9 year old.  I live in New England and have a Bachelors of Science degree in Behavioral Psychology. As a child I grew up with a high conflict birth mother, and was a stepdaughter twice, to two different women. Despite my background I am still learning as I go, and hope others will benefit from this blog.

Contact: info@millennialstepmom.com